You’ll Never Guess Where I Found Free Gold Decor For My New Office Desk

63” x 24”

I want to show you what I picked out and the office decor that I found to match my theme. First, let me show you the old desk. Excuse the mess but after we moved into this house, the desk never made it into the house so it’s being shuffled around in the garage at the moment.


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My Old Desk!

15+ year old desk

It just so happens that I have been buying gold accent pieces for a few years. As I looked around the house, I realized I could pretty much decorate my office with things I had around the house and maybe a trip to Dollar Tree for some last minute touch ups.


My New Gold/White Desk

It’s so simple, doesn’t have any storage, but with 63” of desk, I’m excited to find storage and gold decor to compliment it. (Hasn’t been delivered yet, this photo is from Amazon)

Gold Decor I Found Around The House

1| An Old Framed Photograph

I bought this framed photo of the model Iman, at a thrift shop over 10 years ago. I’ll never forget I paid $20 for it. Since then, it’s been moved around my home in several different places. But recently before my daughter’s friend came over, she asked me if we could move the photo from the living room since it’s essentially a nude photo. I figured after that, I needed to keep it for myself anyway. To the office it goes!


2| A Gift From A Friend

A former co-worker knew me very well and gifted me with this positive quotes collection. I’ve always adored it and my daughter loves changing out the quotes. There’s also a lot of really good ones in there too. Yep, perfect for my new office gold themed decor.


3| A Perfume Bottle I’m Obsessed With

I recently found this Victoria’s Secret classic body oil on Amazon for under $20. More importantly, it used to be my favorite scent back in the day.

A vlogger I follow (Yazmin) on YouTube mentioned it while talking about how she keeps her perfume scent on all day.

If you wanna check her out, she talks a bit fast but I watch her to keep up with new perfumes and beauty products.

Here’s the video I watched where she mentions oiled perfumes and talks about how the scent lasts longer.

4| Gold Metal Decor Sun Centerpiece

This may end up being too large for my desk but it fits right in with the gold theme.

I can’t recall where I originally picked this up but I wanna say Ross.

5| Gold Paperweight/Candle Holder

I actually picked this candle holder up from Dollar Tree and I love that it’s really heavy. I take my jewelry off any and everywhere so this will end up being a little holder for the day’s jewelry.


6| Gold Decor Antique Painted Mirrors

I also picked up 6 of these mirrors from Dollar Tree. I plan on using them to frame my gold framed photo in #1.

They’re very lightweight but have that vintage heavy look.

7| White Vase

I didn’t wanna just make everything gold so I recently painted this glass vase given to me by a former coworker.

I do want to give it another coat of white but I’m keeping the worn vintage look of it. Also, the lime green florals I got from Dollar Tree as a pop of color.

I love lime green on everything except my clothes and hair 😁

8|Light Up “N”

The lights aren’t lit because it needs new batteries and I’m an impatient blogger so I wanted to post it anyway. It does work and this little lightup N gives me life at night. The existing batteries actually lasted a year and I kept it on my bathroom vanity most of the time. I was surprised they lasted that long! N is for Nicole :)






9|Jar Of Gold Werther’s Candy

Everyone’s favorite spot to grab candy is Dollar Tree so I grabbed some of my favorite Werther’s green apple caramel candies and tossed them into an old spice jar.

Do you need to chew on something when you’re studying to concentrate?

10| Some Gold Decor Odds & Ends

I had to have my team representation in my decor so I was excited when I remembered this Saints necklace and a black candle to go with it.

My daughter’s water flask made an appearance but I have a feeling she will swipe it back.

Amazon Gold Decor

Black Flameless Remote Control Candles

Gold Flameless Remote Candles

Amazon has some really pretty gold desk decor too. I like this pineapple gold planter.


And this 3 tier gold succulent strand.

I’m still looking around the house for more decor to add to my office but I also enjoy a clean desk space. The next thing I’ll need is a rug but that’s pretty much it.


Thanks so much for reading. This post was a win but normally I’m messing something up. Subscribe if you want in on my next fail.


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