10 Summer Outfit Ideas When You Love Wearing Black

You don’t have to give up wearing your black during the summer. Here’s 10, cool in the sun, summer outfit ideas when you love wearing black. Most suggestions come in plus sizes.

The top 10 things to buy that make life easier as a parent.

1| Black & Dark Color Crop Tops

Since high waist jeans aren’t going out of style again (I’m just guessing), then it’s possible to pull off a crop top with high waist jeans. Belly covered and summer ready at the same time.

2| Go Graphic & Sleeveless

By going for a graphic print black top, it instantly becomes a casual summer outfit idea. I guess when you put a sun on any sleeveless graphic top it’s a no-brainer chic summer fit.

3| Deliver A Good Read

For those of you that don’t know, “a good read” is not only a good book. It’s also a way to describe a funny/witty way to dismiss someone else’s opinion.

4|Find A Fringe

I had a dress back in highschool that was teenager up top and fringe on the bottom. In my twenties, I cut into it and the cleavage turned it into a grown woman club dress. This dress is so similar and goes up to size 2XL.

5|Off Shoulder Summer Sexy

For some reason, every off shoulder dress I buy tends to not want to stay in place. I found this beauty online and love the way it actually stays off shoulder. Not to mention, it has pockets!

6| Swing Black Summer Outfit

Short or tall women both look so chic and sassy with a swing dress that has layers. Personally, I think these can be worn year round, with wedge sandals, heels, or knee high boots.

7| Graphic Summer Maxi

The “Good Vibes” graphic has been really popular these days on T-shirts but I haven’t seen it on dresses until now. My daughter has a Good Vibes tee and we try to match up sometimes with my dress.

8| Waistline Cinch & Stripes

When I first learned how to dress for my body frame, cinched waistlines was the number one thing I would look for. After having my daughter, I don’t cinch as much haha, but it’s still a go-to when I’m feeling sexy.

9| Tshirt Dress Ruched

As a rule, I try to always keep a throw on dress ready for a quick Mom trip anywhere around town.

10| Black Camo Tshirt Dresses

Celebs have been spotted rocking all kinds of camo. Here’s a cute style guide when it comes to wearing camofluage street wear.

25 Non Black Most Comfy Shoes For Summer


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