I Hate Baskets Super Quick Kitchen Pantry Organization

Hey guys!

Disorganized Mom Nicole here! I was starting to buy things I already had in the pantry so I knew it was time for a pantry organization and make finding healthy snacks a nicer experience for my daughter. Food is probably where most of the money goes for any family.

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Confession: I actually love baskets but not for this project. You’ll read why in a moment. I completed this pantry organization in less than 20 minutes.


Bargain Bethany has a useful Youtube channel that inspired me to organize. It wasn’t until I started that I realized I had to do the self ban on using baskets. Here’s one of my fave videos from her Dollar Tree DIY projects.

No Baskets Allowed Pantry Organization In 15 Minutes

Everyone uses fancy baskets and shelves full of perfect looking, neat, same sized, containers.

For me, baskets are my excuse to throw something in there that doesn’t belong (over time). If I want to keep the pantry organized, I had to ban myself from using baskets and stick to labels only. (You’ll see 1 basket for oatmeal that was there before I started)


I forgot to take the photo of all the pantry items on the kitchen island once I cleared out the pantry. But it was intimidating. I thought I’d never get finished.

I picked up some labels for $1 a piece at Dollar Tree and I had a chalk pen at home. If you didn’t know, Dollar Tree does offer ship to store for anything not in stock.

My handwriting is awful but I like that we can change the labels based on what we have, right? Plus my daughter loved helping me with the labeling.

I used both hanging labels and sticky ones to put directly on the shelves and 3 large containers. We’re only a family of 2 plus our puppy, so this works out great for us.


Now I’m able to see everything so I stopped accidentally buying things we already have. During this process, I found over 20+ bags of oatmeal that I didn’t know I had! Hence why there’s one wire basket for that.

Side Note For Pet Owners

Update: Do not purchase Dreambone dog treats. They are unsafe for puppy digestion.

There’s not much missing from the after photo. But the few things that I rarely use went neatly into a storage bin on the floor of the cabinet.

I never like to put much on the pantry floor because it gets dusty so quickly. I was able to add my puppy snacks now that I have more room.

Without the baskets, this may stay organized for a long while. At least I’ll try to keep it that way.

A while back, I also wrote a piece on the best things Mom’s should buy that make life easier.


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