How I Spent $10 This Week On An Impulse Project

Single mommying it over here and this week I had a goal. A weekend Mommy/Daughter project was overdue. This lil project took less than 10 minutes to finish and 1 week to see results. Let me mention that I did have to add a few more drops of water on the 4th day.

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Mini Herb Adventure

I found this mini herb garden at TJ Maxx by Buzzy, I believe. It was definitely an impulse buy and sat on my kitchen counter for a week before I made time to open it up. To be honest, I kill all things green and I didn’t want to open it up and look clueless in front of my daughter.



Instead I looked up a Youtube video explaining how to set it up before I brought her into it. I have a feeling she knew I was hesitant so I had to get extra excited to make it more fun. Here’s the video we watched.



First…How I Almost Destroyed The Herb Garden!

I was so nervous that I kept moving it around from inside the window sill to the back yard. In the process, I clumsily knocked over the entire thing on the back patio. Dirt spilled everywhere. I’ve never cleaned something up so fast in my life. My daughter was not going to see what I had done! After all that, it’s been a week now and we have sprouts!

My Review Of Buzzy Kitchen Herb Kit for $10

The online reviews in the YouTube comments were not great. After reading those I didn’t expect to see anything growing. You should know how surprised I am that we actually have sprouts coming up! You probably want a review of the actual herbs coming up so trust me, I’m already on it. The garden was fun and so quick to set up. We added the popsicle sticks to look more professional but those didn’t come in the kit.

One more thing, it also comes with some recipes. And if you have a picky eater, it’s a great little way to encourage eating a meal using herbs from your own garden.

The next scariest part is switching the pot over when the herbs get bushy. From the photos, I think they are going to grow wide instead of tall so I’m not worrying about that just yet.

Two weeks growth
Added an orchid & succulent






Next project is jazzing up the back patio!


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