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Hi friends on the internet! Some of you mean more to me than the people I know in real life!

Intros are supposed to be about me and my qualifications. This is where my degrees & experience mean nothing. Instead, I’m a single Mom and I spend most of my time in the kitchen. Don’t we all? Honestly I just live and learn like the rest of us with a little Faith, patience, and family added to the mix.

On a damper note, I have a brain tumor that affects my memory a little. These little blog posts and stories help me keep my thoughts organized. Not to mention, it helps my ADD and anxiety too! I’m a fun ball of issues and it’s ok :)

Back on a brighter note, thanks for stopping by and enjoy my crazy diy fails and discoveries.

❤️ Nicole

latest posts & stories

Hey there! Below are my recommendations for real remote jobs that you can apply for and start today.

remote job recommendations

Some require $1 to start and some do not – but all pay over $25/hour. Make sure you have an unlimited phone plan, a reliable internet connection, and a valid ID with your current address.

Photo Jobs – Mobile Phone Required (recommended)

Live Chat Remote Careers (recommended)

Get paid to use Facebook, Twitter & Youtube (recommended)

2022 Best Online Remote Jobs

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