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Updated with more bonus ideas!
Shopping for middle school girls isn’t easy these days. My expertise on the subject comes from attending countless birthday parties for tween girls and evesdropping on their convos.
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Electronics, fashion, and gadget gifts for picky middle school girls.

1| A Luxury Backpack

I splurged this school year and bought my daughter a Vera Bradley rolling backpack. It wasn’t the new phone she’s been wanting, nope.

I’d say that, after taking it to school, she realized no one else had her backpack and she likes that. I love finding gifts for middle school kids that are practical but still deliver a smile.

2| Nike Air Max Shoes

In my view, having an athletic kid means having to buy a good pair of sneakers a couple times a year. Who doesn’t like Nike and who doesn’t like Air Max?

As for me, I think Air Max running shoes are also the best for kids with flat feet.

Aside from it being a practical gift for athletic kids, consider that they’re almost always over $130 a pair. That’s a pretty luxurious gift.

3| Luxury Air Pods (JBL or Apple)

Nowadays, kids are bringing laptops home with them. We all know how hard it is for some kids to focus. So I decided to reward my daughter with some JBL ear pods to listen to her math video lessons at home. Of course, this is a gift for middle kids who need to do homework while Mom talks on the phone. Everyone wins and everyone can focus.

Nevermind the fact that I won those pods in a work contest.

4| Music Sync LED Lights

What’s trending with tweens and teens these days? LED lights are one of the most requested gifts for middle school kids who love music and hanging out in their room! But not just any lights. Only the music sync Bluetooth lights. Don’t forget the remote.

5| Instant Iphone Photo Printer

At the present time, this photo printer gift is one of my favorites because it cuts down on phone storage and it’s fun.

Through Bluetooth, your iPhone connects with the photo printer to print any photo you’d like from your camera roll.

6| 3D Nameplate Bar Necklace

Gifts for middle school girls who love jewelry? What I love about the bar necklace is how it resembles a pendant which is a design popular in the Middle East. The reviews are wonderful online.

Often times with these necklaces, it can be difficult to read the lettering. The bar necklace style has clear, easy to read font.

7| HP All -In – One Wireless Printer

I gifted my daughter with a red Cannon Inkjet printer last Christmas when I ran out of gift ideas. I don’t regret it! We’ve used that thing all over the house to print homework, study guides, and fun coloring sheets.

8| Apple Watch/ Samsung

Smart watches are a lot less expensive now than when they first hit the scene.

Fun fact: Using a smart watch keeps you from being on your phone as much. Sounds like a win-win for a young student.

9| Fun Platform Bed

Naturally, substitute blue for boys, but a fun colored platform bed is a great option as a gift! Especially if your student does their homework in their bedroom. In a moment, I’ll tell you how it helps my daughter.

Getting a new bed gives the room a cheap facelift. Not to mention, platform beds are so inexpensive nowadays.

My daughter loves getting new things for her bedroom. It makes her feel more enthusiastic about keeping things neat and tidy. Sign me up!

10| Kids Beginner Microscope

Who needs luxury gifts for a middle school science wiz kid? Listen, even if you don’t have a science wiz kid, this beginner Microscope is an opportunity to encourage a love for science. Planning on raising a future doctor or nurse?

Or maybe you just want your student to know more about germs! Either way, I love this beginner Microscope gift for any middle School student.

11| Motivational Phone Case

A Motivational Phone Case is the equivalent of filling your bathroom mirror with positive sticky notes. Not only will it remind your student to be kind and confident, but it let’s everyone else know who he/she is as well. For under $20, it’s a thoughtful gift for a tween.

12| Fun Personalized Journal For Middle School Girls

One night I was helping my daughter find a gift for a friend’s birthday. We came across these funny personalized journals online.

Now in order to find the one with the name you want on Amazon, you’ll have to actually search for “Because That’s Why ______” and insert the name you’re looking for.

13| Mandalorian Echo Dot

A Disney Plus favorite, Amazon Echo is coming out with some creative looks and is a great gift for middle school kids who obsess over the music of Disney. These are so cute!

The Mandalorian Echo with a subscription to Disney Plus (if you don’t already have it) is a great combo gift for boys and girls in middle school.

14| Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

If this was waterproof, I’d be singing in the shower every night. I still love this karaoke microphone gift idea for middle school kids.

They’re well into the type of music they like and can sing most of us under the table.

Anticipate some hours of fun with family and friends with this one.

15| Hydroflask Water Bottle

Just a warning, this Hydroflask water bottle isn’t cheap but it’s the talk of the lunch room. And most of my daughter’s middle school friends have one.

I guess that’s why this is a trend right now. Everyone wants a Hydroflask but I refuse to pay this much for a water bottle. Although I was able to find one under $30 once but my daughter lost it within a month.

Needless to say, I’m not buying that again.

16| Designer Lunch Tote

Honestly, I was looking more for a Coach or D&B tote as gifts for middle school girls who love fashion and brands but Kate Spade makes this cute lunch tote that’ll do.

Love the colors and simplicity of it. I know her line includes phone cases as well with purses etc.

This 4 pack of glow stress relief balls has been a huge trend in Tik Tok. Although they’re designed for people with OCD, ADHD & anxiety, I do think anyone can use them.

When it comes to buying these as gifts for middle school kids with anxiety, they serve a general fun purpose for all kids. Lets face it, most kids have anxiety these days anyway. We can argue why they is on another blog.

18| Mini Microphones

Have you seen these yet? Mini microphones are the latest trend for YouTubers and kids in general. Normally I see comedians with some type of hilarous political content using these.

I like that it comes in a 4 pack for under $20. Break one and there’s 3 left.

19| Mashi Snack Box

Anime lovers and kids in general love snacks. This Mashi Snack Box has a great variety of Japanese snacks from candy to soup. I love a multicultural gift.

20| IPSY Subscription

As far as I know, the only thing I love under $15 are tacos….except for IPSY. In other words, IPSY beauty box is by far the best beauty budget spent monthly. Five new products to try every month for $12.99.

Middle School girls love lip gloss, glitter, and all things shiny. Customize the IPSY profile and your selections are age appropriate.

Customize the profile to be age appropriate and start getting mail.

21| American Snack Box

Do middle schoolers still get a snack break? Last time I heard, it was just lunch and no snack. Hopefully that isn’t the case everywhere because this 45 piece snack box is tasty gift. Might even be a good idea to keep this box in the car for after school rides home.

22| Glam Up Facial Sheet Masks (set of 12)

I have a confession. I hate sheet masks. They are messy, gooey and I’ve never been a fan. Not a news flash that the younger generation loves them. Combined with a facial massager, whatever happens, it’s a clever way to encourage skin care and good hygiene.

23| Beetles Gel Polish Kit w/ LED Light

Name one thing Covid inspired you to do more at home? If it’s polish your nails, join the club. It took my daughter to hip me to the Beetles gel polish world, but now I’m hooked.

Similarly, every midle school girl is following at least one nail social media page. Nail trends are the easiest to follow because the online world is saturated with cute nails by season.

Of course, are you looking for an LED light only? Be careful when buying them. Some have a bottom attached and some are just an arch light. We prefer the LED lights with a bottom attached so that wet polish doesnt get on your flat surface.

24| Shower Steamers Gift Set

With the busy middle school girl in mind, shower steamers infused with essential oils are a trending favorite. Girls with asthma or sick with a cold, can enjoy a hot shower to relieve congestion. Perfect for moms, and loved by girls who spend hours enjoying bathroom time.

25| Ariana Grande Ari Eau de Parfum

It’s true, buying perfume should be something reserved for the individual buying it. Except in this case. Ariana Grande is just so famous and loved by girls that her perfumes are a treasured gift.

By the way, Ariana has been busy with quite a few fragrances. The one above is Ari . Digging deeper, I also found 2 more, Cloud by Ariana Grande and Sweet Like Candy. Out of the 3, Cloud is the most expensive at $54 per 3.4 oz.

26| Leather Crossbody Bag

Don’t you adore the smell of leather on a new bag or purse? From time to time I may be frugal, but not when it comes to a nice bag. Amd honestly, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to qualify as a luxury bag. This is especially why I love a genuine leather bag as a luxury gift.

27| You’re Really Pretty Cosmetic Bag

Show me a pre-teen girl and I’ll show you some insecurities starting to come about. Besides keeping my daughter hella busy, I give her confidence tools all the time.

Meanwhile, she’s probably already in my makeup when I’m not looking. But for one thing, I know that we can never teach too much confidence.

I adore the handmade section of Amazon gifts. If you haven’t already checked it out, try to pull it up on your desktop instead of your phone. This 8″ by 6″ canvas lined tote is a daily reminder for any girl.

28| 5′ Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair

Did you know these bean bag chairs were a hot commodity right now? Not just for college dorms either!

However, be careful when buying one. And most importantly, always read the reviews with photos. After that, consider weight and choose wisely.

29| Watch & Bracelet Set

I just so happen to be in Kohl’s this weekend returning an Amazon purchase. Before I could get upstairs, my daughter flips out over something in the jewelery section.

I’m thinking it’s some holiday earrings but it was a gorgeous rose gold watch and bracelet set. Apparently she says all of the middle school girls want one.

30| Pop Socket Mold Maker

Obviously, middle schoolers are all about their phone cases and phone accessories. This really should have been number 1!

Anyhoo, I found this cute pop socket maker and thought it was a great gift to occupy the artistic minds for a while on a Saturday afternoon.

Bonus Ideas

Mini Fridge For Skincare

Aesthetic Wall Collage

Anything from Tree Hut

Hope you enjoyed this list of gift ideas for middle school girls. Strangely, I don’t do allowances but gifts are a yes in this house when you bring home A’s.


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