8 Best Parent-Teacher Conference Questions To Ask For Working Parents

What’s the number one question most parents ask during a parent-teacher conference? For me and many of us it’s, “Is my child behaving in class?”

Here’s a preview of the best questions to ask at an elementary or middle school parent-teacher conference.

By asking these questions, the teacher should have answers that help both you and her/him get the best version of what’s really going on in class.

Sometimes teachers don’t want to offend us, so it helps to know the right questions to ask during a parent teacher conference. This may also help out parents who are going for the very first time.

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8| Do you know about my child’s health issues?

Often times we’ve already marked down this information on a form at the beginning of school.

I can’t imagine having 30 students and remembering everyone’s health concerns.

Absolutely include any learning problems that may not be recognizable to the teacher during the parent teacher meeting.

For example, my daughter has asthma so I wanted to make sure the teachers knew she had a pro air pump.

7| How much time should be spent on homework? How often is homework given?

How much time is homework taking for your child? And how much time do they expect homework to take? Or how often is homework given?

“I don’t have any homework!” Becomes a statement you can check into.

In addition, you could ask if she gives homework on Fridays for the weekend. Or even better, does she have a recurring day for tests?

However as kids get into 6th and 7th grades, they start being more responsible about staying on top of their homework.

6| How does my child perform in group participation?

Most schools are using virtual learning tools that are typically in a group.

Asking about their participation or how often your child is asking for help will give you a great clue into their level of Independence in the classroom.

It doesn’t hurt to also inquire about how long they’re using these tools and how well they perform in group settings.

5| What are my child’s strengths/weaknesses?

Before I wrote this post, this particular question was my main go-to question every year!

This is when the teacher can brag on your child but also tell you what’s really going on in class that may need some attention.

For many years, I had to hear that my daughter was talking too much in class. She absolutely was terrified of parent teacher conferences because she knew the lecture was coming!

As she’s gotten older, the excessive talking has calmed down so no worries if your child is going through the same obstacle. Natural born leaders tend to be chatty and bossy.

4| Does my child stay on task and pay attention?

Straight-no chaser question here to find out if your child is focused during school.

You could be skeptical about a learning disability and this answer would help figure that out.

Moreover, many teachers may not provide how well your child pays attention in the beginning. But wouldn’t it be nice to know so you can get ahead of the behavior?

3| Does my child complete assignments on time independently?

I’m able to see my daughter’s grades from an app at home. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t know if she’s turning homework in on time.

Most schools have this app, so don’t hesitate to find out more about it from his/her teacher.

2| Does my child have a positive attitude about school?

Without a doubt, we probably already know the answer to this question but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Especially if your child isn’t telling you much about their school day.

1| Can you contact me if you have any concerns regarding my child’s performance in class?

It’s a nice touch to kindly let your child’s teacher know that you’re open to getting constructive criticism.

Just make sure not to elude that you plan on spanking your child if the teacher emails you! You’ll never hear from that teacher if that’s the case!

A few tips to know before meeting any teacher.

1| Most teachers will not mention another student’s name during a parent teacher conference.

2| If you’re wondering about your child’s relationship with another student in class, try asking the question without using a child’s name.

3| Usually teachers only have 15-20 minutes to spend with each parent.

4| If you’ve taken off from work to be there, you absolutely don’t want to bombard the teacher with so many questions that she gets behind on time.

5| Be considerate, be kind, be helpful and give the teacher gifts during the school year.

I hope this guide helps you as much as it’s helped me. Not all of the questions need to be asked though.

They take on a lot, and we couldn’t do their job if we tried. Appreciate them any chance you get.


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