10 Boring But Useful Amazon Purchases For Easy Living

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Hey there, the following is a list of inexpensive and useful Amazon buys that will make a difference in your everyday life but I admit that most of them are boring.

This post contains affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure here.

How To Simplify Your Life With The Right Purchases From Amazon

This is a purely biased list based on my day to day life. Having said that, I admit it’s an awkward read.

1| Paper towels

This is the cheapest and best way to buy paper towels. I’ll never buy Sparkle paper towels again. What I really like is not worrying about how big/small a piece I tear off. A box of 6 runs about $28 but lasts 6 months.

I admit, it was a comfort learning curve at first. I was used to feeling a soft, thick paper towel you know. But after I realized I wasn’t buying paper products every other week, I stopped internally complaining.


Since my daughter eats cereal daily, having a huge container of honey is a time saver for sure. We use honey a lot in our home for hot teas…. Ginger, Chai, you name it.

I mean, I’m not the big holistic health nut Mom over here. I just imagine that sweetening anything with honey is better than sugar.

Besides…the Dollar Tree only sells that teeny tiny little honey bear. And he’s a pain to squeeze.

3| Toilet Paper Subscription

One less thing I have to pick up at the store and I love it. I started buying this TP from Amazon because of the quality and price. It’s so convenient to put it on a subscribe option.

I get it delivered every 6 weeks and it’s 24 rolls for $20 bucks. Finally, no more filling the buggy up with paper products. I don’t have time for that anymore and I love it!

4| Puppy Training Treats

Our puppy is about a year old and I’m still trying to train him. Getting to the store to buy treats is a chore so I’ve chosen to get them online in a subscription form.

They’re always fresh and no more worrying about the stores being out of stock. You definitely can’t leave puppy treats open, otherwise they get so hard, no dog would enjoy em.

Beauty Needs

5| Concealer, a girl’s staple

I’m loyal to only a few beauty brands. But one thing I couldn’t live without was Maybelline Age-Rewind concealer. Recently, I had this one (Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Concealer) delivered in an Ipsy bag and I fell in love.

Ladies, it’s waterproof which means it does go on a little sticky but it is hands down absolutely worth every cent.

I’m not sure if it’s the application I love because you can almost feel the staying power when applied. Or maybe it’s the waterproof/sweatproof full coverage.

Regardless, during the pandemic, it’s been difficult to find in stores and online so I buy 2 at a time.

6| Choose Authentic Perfumes On Amazon

I remember always going to Dillard’s and Macy’s to pick up my smell good in those gift sets. I can’t tell you the last time I stepped foot in Dillard’s.

Once again, I always advocate signing up for Ipsy or Scentbird.

Once you know exactly what perfume you want, order it from Amazon. Beware of fake vendors and fake reviews.

Try to only stick with reviewers who have photos and reputable vendors. (a quick google search will tell you if the vendor is reliable)

7| Light Up Vanity Mirror Helps Your Back

I do my own brows most of the time. If you do the same, don’t miss getting this mirror. Caught my Mom using hers the over day and thought, why not.

Lately, I would be leaning over the bathroom sink to look closely at my face,and my back would always start cramping.

Or….I’d be in the middle of my eyebrow re-shaping or tweezing and have to readjust my stand.

I ordered this mirror and it forces me to sit and relax doing the same things as before. Again, not exciting but a practical and purposeful purchase.

8| Alexa Video Show To Talk From Room To Room

Our video Alexa stays busy in our home. But I’m going to mention my #1 favorite feature….I wake my daughter up for school by calling her from the kitchen to her bedroom using my Video Show. Additionally, I play my favorite Prime Shows on it while cooking dinner.

Also, if you’re a news person, a simple “Alexa, play cbs news” in the morning (or insert your fave news channel) and you’ll get caught up on current events within minutes.

At least before they start repeating stuff. The video Alexa series at the moment is growing and has several generations of upgrades.

9| Amazon Smart Plugs For Making Coffee On Command

Connect your coffee pot to the smart plug and power it on using the Alexa app. Since my entire house drinks something hot in the morning, it helps a lot to get the coffee brewed quick.

When it’s sime to go Black Friday shopping, look for devices that mention being Alexa enabled. More and more devices are including that feature if you search the newest generations.

10| Wireless Keys & Remote Finder (Amazon Choice)

I had been wondering if anyone had come up with a way to find lost remotes. Apparently this is the answer to lost remotes and keys. To include anything else a busy family misplaces. I would use it in my purse or wallet as well.

Hope you enjoyed my top 10 boring but useful Amazon purchases. As always, there’s plenty more of these posts coming. You can subscribe here to see catch em as soon as I publish one.


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