Even a straight A student can lose their sharpness over a long and fun summer of sleeping in. Summer workbooks go a long way to helping bridge semester learning with summer fun.

I made the mistake once of buying summer workbooks without seeing what the pages looked like on the inside. Here’s 5 Summer Workbooks my daughter voluntarily works in.

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1| Brain Quest Summer Workbooks Have Interesting & Colorful Pages

Brain Quest workbooks have been a staple of ours for many years. Their books range to 7-8 grade.

What I love the most is how they give examples and instruction for all the lessons.

You really don’t have a lot of time to stop and teach every lesson over the summer. These workbooks can be finished alone with minimal parent supervision.

For that reason, I rank Brain Quest at the top of my list.

2| Summer Bridge (15 Minutes A Day Workbook)

Much like Brain Quest, the Summer Bridge workbooks are in color and cover a wide range of subjects.

With 160 pages, kids can finish this workbook over the summer just spending 15 Minutes a day.

Over 84% of teachers say that students lose knowledge and grade level equivalency over the summer.

The Summer Bridge series is the #1 recommended workbook by teachers.

3| Summer Learning Headstart Workbooks

This summer workbook series also covers up to 8th grade like the others. It aligns with common core resources as well.

Common core is an important point to look for because it means students are learning the material the exact same way that teachers will teach it. Headstart workbooks are easy to read through for kids of any age.

4| Brain Hunter Prep 1,000 Questions You Need To Kill In Middle School

When you see the standardized testing scores at the end of the semester, we’re all worried about the Math.

I love this math prep workbook by Brain Hunter because it covers grades 6th- 8th.

For example, if your child is in advanced math or beginner 6th math, he/she can work as fast or slow as they desire in this workbook.

Most of the summer workbooks also have answer keys for you to check their work at your convenience.

Believe it or not, lots of kids would rather not view the answer key until they need to check it.

I created a rule with my daughter that if she used the answer key, she would have to show me how she solved the problem.

5| Kids Summer Workbooks Academy by Argo Prep

Ranging through 8th grade, many middle schoolers may think these books aren’t age appropriate.

You may have to order them without telling your kiddos. And then reinforce that they don’t have to tell their friends either.

This is partly because the workbooks are colorful and appear to be for a younger crowd…. Until you open them up and see that they do cover until 8th grade.

This particular workbook by Argo Prep, covers math, reading, science, fitness and yoga for any child Yogi’s out there.

Interested in some life hacks that make parenting so much easier?


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