10 Head Turning Floating Shelves Easy To Install

Are you that person who hates putting up new curtain rods or anything having to do with screws, brackets, and anchors? Floating shelves are no exception.

I’m that person. Which is why I love floating shelves and all of the different ways you can use them to impact a room.

1| Floating Shelves Instead Of Night Stands

I love the thickness of these floating shelves. Finding the ones with lights is tough but you can also opt to place stick up, remote control lights underneath them if you can’t find the shelves with lights.

2| Feature Wall Floating Shelves

When I saw this 3D design floating shelve arrangement, I thought whoa. I’ve never seen anything like this before in a home. It reminds me of the AT&T ball!

3| Space Saving Corner Shelf

Honestly, when I checked out the reviews on this one, some of the photos people showed were awful. You could see the screws from each shelf with no hiding it. I would try spray painting the corner shelf first before mounting it.

4| Crescent Moon shelf

I love things that are oddly shaped. This half Moon wall shelf comes in different colors and has a somewhat beach theme meets modern loft. Fill it in with succulent planters.

5| Color Pop Shelves

Two colors always make me happy when I see them in my home, orange & lime green. Unique color block shelves make a dull room more interesting.

Once upon a time (before my mom days) I had a huge thing for geometric green pillows. Imagine using green accessories on this two tone orange shelving and how unique that looks.

6| IKEA 7 Tier Vertical Shelf

Let’s say you’re leaning towards doing away with clutter and living the minimalist life. Tall vertical, slim shelving is a great place to start.

7| Geo Circle Shelf

I remember seeing a circular mirror that was considered mixed media because it was made from magazine clippings.

Circle statement pieces are feminine and make any space feel warm and modern in a feminine way.

For a cheaper option, use self adhesive mirror sheets and create a larger space by tricking your eyes.

8| Ceiling To Floor Shelving

Tall people love tall things. Anything that stretches floor to ceiling are my go-to.

Easy to install, much like shower corner shelves, put a floor to ceiling shelving unit wherever you want to utilize vertical storage.

9| Floating Workstation

If you’re good with wall anchors, floating work stations save so much space and can be turned into a vanity or display case over time.

10| 47″ Long Floating Shelves

Finding long floating shelves are almost impossible! I was so happy to find these 47″ by 5″ shelves.

Add 6 of them to a wall and create a feature wall for under $120 Katy using things around your house to decorate it. Add some battery powered LED lights to finish the wall.

I recommend this light strip because of it’s long battery life.

8 Favorite Shelf Accessories For Floating Shelves

I like to mix shapes but keep 2 shapes per shelf. Shapes would include circle (bowls), squares (boxes, books, frames), odd shapes, and abstract shapes.

Notice in the photo above, each shelf has 2 different shapes.

1| Wine Glasses

Use tall pieces as the focal point and sit a shorter piece beside it. (Picture, candle, box)

2| Fancy Bowls

To find unique and interesting bowls online, try searching for “candy bowls” or ” decorative bowls” and you’ll find many colors and styles.

3| Unique Bookends

Since I’m not great at decorating shelves, I opt for unique bookends and that also face forward. This way I know my book section is already styled.

4| Wire Decor

One of my favorite art pieces in my home is a large wire sun. I haven’t seen anything like it but the wired art and decor online has so many options.

5| Mirrored & Glass Boxes

If you don’t have any tiny little hands to worry about, mirrored boxes for shelves are great to store small things.

6| Eye Catching Planters

Finding elegant short planters don’t have to just be for garden lovers. As a tip, small planters are something I try to buy in 2’s.

7| Words Of Encouragement

Everyone always notices decor with writing. Not just our visitors but we read it as owners daily.

Finding the right addition to fit your personality is the hardest part. I have a “happy hour” shelf sign but I rarely drink.

8| Lifestyle Representation

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