9 Mom Inspired No Tools Storage Ideas For Bedrooms & Closets

I absolutely hate putting things together. I felt I had to share this post for anyone who feels the same and needs storage ideas for bedrooms and closet areas.

I created a rule for myself that I wouldn’t buy anything that takes more than 30 minutes to put together.

Here are my personal top 9 storage ideas for bedrooms and closets when you really don’t have time or patience to assemble furniture.

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9|Tier Shoe Rack (no tools required)

storage ideas for bedrooms 7 tier shoe rack

Even if your closet is small, if you have a walkin wide enough, this unit pops up easily. Place it where you can see everything you have.

I saw someone buy 2 of them and place them on top of one another for vertical closet storage.

8| 12 Cube Organizer Storage For Bedroom (no tools required, avail. in 8 colors)

I really love how sturdy this option for bedroom storage is. It comes in a bright red color also that I love.

Again, no tools required. Just connect the poles together pop up your bins.

It has great reviews because I hate getting anything that doesn’t have at least 100+ purchases.

7| Modular Cube Storage System (no tools required, versatile)

Do you see those bin doors?! That’s exactly what drew me to this storage unit for my closet. I’m not always the most tidy when it comes to my closet so I’m thrilled that I can hide the craziness behind these frosted doors.

6| 25 Cube Modular Storage Ideas For Bedroom Walls

A tall girl’s dream storage unit. One of the biggest issues I have with storage is having to reach so low to the floor.

These modular cube organizers allow me to set them up however tall I like and that’s heaven for me.

5| No Assembly Storage Shelf (foldable)

You may be thinking how in the world is this foldable? Well the shelves come separately and the metal portion is indeed collapsible.

I thought about painting the shelves white to have a classic black and white theme for this storage unit.

4| 7 Drawer, 3 Tier Storage Ideas For Bedroom Nightstand

The wooden handles on the front of these bins really trick the eyes into thinking it’s a heavy piece of furniture. I’m not a big fan of brown storage but these come in a variety of colors.

And they have really great reviews, easy assembly, and great price.

You could add a mirror to the wall behind it for a whole new vibe.

3| Closet Storage Heavy Duty Shelf 4 Tier, 5 Tier

I grabbed this customer photo showing how she arranged some heavy duty shelves inside her closet. She previously had an entire dresser inside the closet and her main goal was to create more storage.

The final result did create much more storage than her dresser gave.

Although I’d only advise this for a second closet because you do lose the hanging room.

2| Storage Ideas In Bedroom Or Mudroom Bench Chest With Drawers

This is too cute. The seat even looks wide enough to sit comfortably. I would probably buy 2 of them and stack them side by side.

I can picture myself laying down after a hot shower trying to figure out what I’m wearing for the day.

1| Closet Storage Ideas For Bedrooms Bench Home

I have mixed feelings about footboard storage benches. These benches always end up being covered with outfits I didn’t want to wear. What makes this one different is how wide it is!

What is always true is that most of the time, benches are no assembly required! They get delivered all in one piece. That’s why this is my #1 choice for intimate storage.

Once again, since I’m tall, I’d use those risers on the 4 posts of this bench just to give it some height. You can find risers in many different heights on Amazon for less than $20 bucks.

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