Townhome living has been my life for many years. I don’t mind it much because it means less windows for people to peek through. Here are my favorite small patio additions that can transform a small outdoor space within a townhome or small patio spaces in general.

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For me, privacy is a big deal. Sometimes I want to go outside with my robe and slippers on. My hair may be a mess but my coffee is hot and I’m trying to wake up.



Here’s 15 small patio additions if you want to just relax on your patio space and just be happy outside.



1| Outdoor Coffee Table/Cooler Small Patio Worthy

Just having a small table to sit my coffee or wine on while I relax and call my best friend is a game changer. During the summer, I’ll fill the bottom up with ice and throw ice pops and other drinks in this cute cooler. When it’s time to hit up fireworks, this cooler can sit in the back of a truck with a few chairs and it’s really all we need to have a mini tail gate party with some drinks and fruit!


2| Vintage String Lights On a Small Patio


Lighting is everything! String lights stay in our home year round but especially on the balcony or patio. It’s perfect for after date night drinks or that girl’s night chat outside while watching the neighbors.

3|Ponytail Palm Tree Essential Small Patio Additions

Do you know how expensive Palm trees are to plant? Thousands! Which is why I adore ponytail palm trees. They’re low maintenance and beautiful conversation pieces. Believe it or not, ponytail palms can grow up to 20 feet tall!


4| Outdoor Water Fountain

I love this particular fountain because I’m tall and it just doesn’t please me to have small patio accessories. With LED lights built in, the natural waterfall sounds from the fountain are therapeutic. It’s 40″ tall and does need to be plugged into an electric source. I do know that they have some battery operated outdoor fountains that are just as effective.

5| Bluetooth Outdoor Wireless Tiki Torch Speakers


Even if you don’t listen to music often I love this lantern Bluetooth speaker for connecting either a projector outside, an outdoor TV or my phone or tablet. The other night we used ours to listen to an audiobook from Alexa. Depending on how close your neighbors are will determine how much you can do with it.




6| Outdoor Glow Rocks

Yep! Glow in the dark garden rocks! I’ve seen some gorgeous use for these rocks both in front and back yards. Some renters just fill up a planter with rocks and use it as light source on a small patio. Of course Pinterest has a bunch of projects you can easily recreate to avoid it looking tacky. I’m still trying to find the right one myself but I’m leaning towards just getting the white glow rocks.

7| Canopy Swing Bed w/Mosquito Net

This canopy makes me wanna take a nap just looking at it. Perfect for uncovered patios, I saw my friend’s kids resting inside one and fell in love with it. No mosquitos, no direct sun, and I can hide out at night too?!

8| Hanging Garden Solar Lantern

Solar lights really bother me. You really don’t know if you’ll get enough sun to power them. But if you have an uncovered patio, that’s really all the sun you need and these will stay lit all nighty.

9| Hanging Chaise Lounge Swing

How cute is this? I started finding a book to read as soon as I saw this chaise lounge. If I fall asleep out here, and my book hits three floor, don’t bother waking me up!

10| Wicker Egg Chair

I’m tall remember so these egg chairs need to convince me by showing at least one tall adult sitting comfortably in one before I bite. The sturdier and bigger they are, the more they cost. But it’s luxurious looking isn’t it?!


11| Wood Burning Stone Clay Chiminea

One of the things the reviews mentioned is that these stone chiminea’s can crack easily. One reviewer said she looked up a video on how to prepare the first fire and hers has never cracked. If I had the time to research it and if I lived in a colder place, I’d be all over it. As of right now, I’m scared my clueless puppy might try to climb in.

12| Hammock With Stand (450lbs)

Hammock life is a good life. This patio accessory may be big and wide but it would get daily use. I was thinking that even if it rains, the fabric is so thin that it also dries quickly. I’ve seen two adults and/or 2 kids fit with no problems. I think this one has a weight capacity of 400lbs.

13| Outdoor Convertible Futon Sofa Daybed

I’m always talking about falling asleep outside but aside from this outdoor daybed not having a cover, the reviews claim it’s comforting enough to put inside. That green is cute and I love the way the futon mattress curves up the side.

14| Outdoor Misting Fan

small patio additions outside

If it weren’t for misting fans at Universal, our time waiting in long lines would have been more annoying. I figured why not have one on the patio. Especially if you’re not a pool person but want the essence of getting a lil damp in the sunlight.

15| 3′ Patio Games (Weatherproof)

There are some summer days when I know my daughter is itching to get out of the house. What’s more fun than a huge outdoor game board and a cooler full of wine coolers for me and juice for her?

Thanks for checking out my favorite patio accessories that make me smile when I go outside.

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