15 Stunner Earrings For Girls Rockin Short Cuts

Do you have short hair but don’t always want to rock huge earrings?

Having short hair doesn’t mean you have to always have a big hook or popular CZ stud.

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15| Stud Claws, Geometric Earrings

A little goes a long way. I can see a cute geometric earring like these with a neat or messy bun.

Shop Here

14| Picasso Earrings 

I found these handmade Picasso earrings by a nurse out of Virginia. 

Shop here

13| The Scream Earrings

Also by Nurse Made Jewelry, I love these worldly classic art depiction in earring form

Shop here

12| Leo Zodiac “Lion Earrings”

I’m not a Leo but I can imagine how unique these would be to rock!

Shop here


11| Periwinkle Overlay Earrings

I believe a long drop-style earrings elongates a round face. Since I’m a round face gal, I love em. 

Shop here

10| Indian Head Feather Silvertone Earrings 

Coin earrings always look expensive & vintage in my opinion. I found these coin earrings with an Indian heritage finish, and fell in love. 

Shop here

9| “MK” Michael Kors Earrings 

I was looking for some Polo earrings for a friend and ran across these Michael Kors blinged out studs instead. She loves em. 

Shop here

8| Leather Tear Drop Earrings

The seller that lists these unique leather tear drop earrings has some really beautiful girls in the review section sporting all the different styles. I have a pair on the way!

Shop here

7| Betsey Johnson Stem Earrings

When you have a moment, look at the Betsey Johnson earrings line. There’s not one that isn’t unique. 

Shop here


6| Earth Accessories Bohemian Drop Earrings

I love all things Bohemian, especially these turquoise earrings. Not into turquoise? They come in all kinds of other colors and they’re bigger than they look!

Shop here

5| Statement Leaf Earrings Large

My foundation is always rubbing off on my earrings but that’s not a worry with multicolor boho hook earrings like this one.

Shop here

4| Chain Bar Threader Earrings

Personally I love the black drop Rhinestone the most but I can’t deny how classy a nice drop earring sets off a short hair style.

Shop here

3|Crystal Stud Boucle Earrings

Believe it or not this beautiful wedding inspired earring is all one piece.

Shop here

2| Oval Glitter Hoop Earrings

Never out of style, every girl needs a big pair of hoops. I ran across these glitter hoops in silver & gold.

Shop here

1| Onyx Obsidian 3D Wrap Earrings

What can I say? I love hook earrings because they’re more comfortable when your ear is up against your phone. The pair of onyx Rhinestone earrings below sparkle at every angle.

Shop here


Earrings I love under $15

Ear Crawler Diamond Arrow

Faux Gauges Dumbbell Stud Earrings

Sexy Earrings For Sensitive Ears

Stud Black Sparkle

Sterling Huggie Earrings

Clearance Avon Jewelery

Rose Goldtone Necklace & Earring Set

Cross Trio Set

Thanks so much for checking out my earring picks for short hair. Leave a comment and let me know what you think or leave your blog info!


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