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Hey there! I know it says home school Moms, but honestly, ANY mom would appreciate any 1 of these thoughtful gifts. I asked around and made a list of 10 great gifts for home school Moms. Not only do I enjoy these but so do many of my friends.

There may be affiliate links in this post which means that if you buy something as a result of clicking one of these links, I’ll probably get some thank you money. You won’t ever pay more for purchasing through my links and please be assured that I only recommend products I have personally used and love!


Hello! Please note that this post contains affiliate links. If you click through those links and make a purchase, I may earn a little something – at no extra cost to you.

1| Heated Foot Massager

black foot massager

Foot massagers have come a long way and they’re much nicer than most of us remember. A foot massager is a genius idea as gifts for a home school Mom. It reminds her to take care of herself too.

2| 14K Gold Teardrop Earrings

Gold teardrop Earrings on girl

Definitely for a more luxury Mom, one thing that’s easy to find out is if she’s a silver or gold girl. These simple gold teardrop earrings are comfortable for every day. They’re also beautiful enough for date night. A thoughtful gift for a home school Mom that doesn’t wear much makeup.

3| Succulents For A Green Thumb Momma

Assortment of succulent plants

Did you know that you can have plants delivered to your doorstep? With everything going on right now, just about anything can be sent via mail. Every homemaker and woman loves a little green in her home. Succulents are a plant that most won’t kill.

4| 2nd Generation Echo Show Alexa

Echo show on Countertop in kitchen

Alexa’s can communicate with each other from room to room. When I’m preparing breakfast and school lunch in the morning, I use my Echo Show to wake my daughter up without me having to go up the stairs. It comes in handy when I also want to see who’s at the door quickly on the ring doorbell. My daughter loves the fact that we can watch recipe videos from our kitchen counter.

5| Bathroom Towel Warmer

Towels in a towel warmer

Any gift that makes my simple, hectic mom life more luxurious, is a gift I love. A bathroom towel holder isn’t really the first gift you think of for a home school Mom. But it certainly isn’t a bad idea to elevate her me-time with a gift like this.

6| Dual Video Screens For Car

The most difficult thing to do as a Mom is to drive with active Lucas in the back seat. I love that you can control what educational videos to play on these dual screen video mounts. They come with 2 sets of headphones for each child to watch peacefully while you run errands.

7| Meal Delivery For One Month


pasta meal on the table from meal delivery service

I tried this meal delivery from Amazon with a friend of mine and we were both blown away by it. Most meal deliveries come with dinner ingredients that you still have to prepare. HMR meals are already portioned and ready to eat. A home school mom who doesn’t prefer cooking or doesn’t have time to cook would be a happy recipient for this gift. 

8| Every Momma Loves A Coach
pink coach wristlet

Purses and handbags are one of those things that women have specific tastes about. But there is one catch….a named brand wallet is almost 100% liked just because of the brand, regardless of the style. Coach bags happen to be a brand that is indiscriminately well liked. I selected this Coach wallet because it’s not only a great deal but it comes in many different colors, including the traditional black and brown. 

9| Apple Watch or Smart Watch For Droid

apple watch with white band

The Apple watch is not as expensive as it used to be. As usual, the price drops every time a new one surfaces. The series 3 Apple Watch is now just above $100 and well worth it for a few reasons. I try not to be a slave to my phone but things need to be done around the house and laundry waits for no one. Having my watch on helps me to always get notifications wherever my phone happens to be laying. This way, I stay moving while my phone is used by my daughter to practice her Xtra Math games. Not only that, but it tends to stays charged a lot longer. I can even leave the house without my phone and still be in connection with my family. 

10| Shower Aromatherapy Steamers

aromatherapy shower bombs

I had no clue they made bath bombs for showers! I might be late to the party if you already knew but I’m definitely caught up now. These are one of my absolute favorite gifts to give AND receive.  SIMILAR TO BATH BOMBS For those of us who prefer showers over baths but still want a spa experience! Try aromatherapy shower bath bombs!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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