How are your people judging skills? How often have you been wrong about someone? One of the first problems that kids will help you solve is whether or not to trust someone. Here’s 6 benefits of having kids.

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6 Benefits of Having Kids From A Single Mom

1| Who Can You Trust?

Kids seem to know who to trust and who not to trust. Take note of the vibes that your child has around new people, friends, and family.

Unfortunately, especially family. We’ve all seen those crazy movies where someone wants to ship the “kid” off to boarding school right? Most of the time the kids are trying to keep you happy by not telling you that your new friend is a butthole. Just pay attention to the signs. 

2| Step Up Your Conversation Game

Not that this is a particular problem per se, but kids will teach you a lot! It may be things you should have paid attention to in school or special facts you forgot about.

Either way, your conversation game gets an upgrade when you’re around children and helping them with homework! I’ve learned more about animals and science than I did my entire middle school duration.

3| Benefits of Having Kids : You Stop Feeling Old

Even if it doesn’t phase you, it’s fun to know about pop news and culture. Warning, it can remind you how old you really are.

Nevertheless, hearing about what’s trending gives you an opportunity to refute any myths or ideologies that are in your child’s mind. Keep them talking about inner circle topics, and you’ll have opportunities to teach them so much. When your kids stop talking, that’s when problems follow. 

4| Become A Better Version Of Yourself

If you’re around kids, and you haven’t started watching what you say and do a little more, something is off there. I’m not saying you’ll stop cursing and swearing but you’ll definitely try to be a little more wholesome.

That negative side of you that used to complain about things quiets down. Something as small as those little eyes watching almost forces you to grow up and to be a kid at the same time. 

5| Benefits of Having Kids Means, Heartbreak, What Heartbreak? 

Going through a bad breakup, divorce, or separation from a relationship is something every one of us has gone through. Although we all have our own ways of dealing, (I eat my way through) kids can help the process along.

You may think “Um no, I don’t want Junior to see me like this.” On the contrary, pick yourself up and pull it together quick!

Carve out your me-time yes, but when you can, find some games to play and initiate some laughter moments. My daughter and I play “What’s On My Butt?” Lay down on your stomach and guess what the kids put on your backside. This game is golden when you’re exhausted too!

6| You Will Be More Active

Middle school sports are no joke, right? By the time they get to higher grades, these coaches are after blood. You gotta be at practice for 10 hours ( like 3 but still) and throw in the games and extended practices. On the weekends, prepare to be working out with your athlete or driving to a gym, track, or park to practice. 


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