Top 10 Things Parents Should Buy That Make Life Easier

mother with 2 boys

When you’re on a family budget that’s either large or small, your decisions are based on needs vs wants. If you’ve ever bought an off brand product that disappointed you, here’s a list that can prevent you from doing that again. These products for the home and lifestyle are worth splurging on and make life easier. (Clothing & shoes didn’t make the list as those are personal preferences by family.) These small tips will make life easier. 



Cascade with grease fighting blocks still takes the cake over any off brand dish washing pellets on the market. Splurge on quality dish detergent to make dish washing time much simpler and easy.  

It also gives you a little wiggle room to just rinse lightly. I may sound like a commercial but I can’t deny that it will make life easier. 

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If you happen to have a picky eater, an appealing lunch box with fun accessories encourages eating.

Try changing them out a few times during the school year to keep it interesting. Spare no expense to keep the lunch box fun. The Japanese have this art mastered with bento boxes and utensils.



The name of the game is : KEEP THEM BUSY & ENRICHED. From games, piano lessons, soccer, or tennis, spare no expense at keeping kids busy.

Little James may not grow up to be a professional soccer player but team sports goes a long way in building confidence, loyalty, and setting goals.

Bella may not want to attend Julliard but her posture, gracefulness, and self esteem are nurtured through the art of dance and music.

Most towns have a local periodical that highlights robotic camps, science camps, and fun summer ideas for kids. (For parents who don’t have time to network.) 



Bath time is tough in many households. Retreating away to the bathroom could mean missing some super, VIP family moments. No child wants to miss that, right?

Changing bathroom decor will introduce a new love for bath time. Bright bathroom curtains, rugs and towels do just that. As kids get older, take the time out to redecorate accordingly. 

Sea Animal Toy Soap

Update: Play a little music during bath time from a waterproof Bluetooth sound cube with some strobe lighting. They may be in the bathtub for an hour but we’re talking good times. 



How to get rid of tough stains? I sound like a commercial but this stuff is my favorite. Oxi stain fighting sprays. Pre-spray before you wash, gently rub the solution into the garment and wait for the magic.

Getting rid of stains on socks and getting rid of food stains really benefit from these pre-soak sprays. It’s a small but powerful way to make life easier in the laundry room!



Using apps that deliver curbside groceries is the perfect way to make healthy food choices on a budget.

Making impulse buys can’t happen when you don’t have to physically walk past the cookie aisle.

Update: Try a snack subscription box that eliminates the need for you to find and research healthy snacks every month. When kids open ANYTHING mysterious, there’s some renewed excitement & better eating habits.


5B2F78FA-9BC8-4E76-905B-E1F90DFAF95DSimilar to lunch box fun, kids who enjoy their backpacks and school supplies are leaps and bounds more motivated about school.

Fun Backpacks

Make it an experience to shop online if you have to in order to change out the school backpack and restock home school supplies halfway through the school year.

The WISH app has some adorable Japanese lunchbox accessories for less than a few dollars.



Yep, pajamas has made the list. Once you know your child’s favorite style of pajamas,  surprise them with new sets twice a school year. You’ll notice the enthusiasm to get to bed is renewed every time you make this splurge.

Sometimes I go a bit further and re-decorate a small portion of their room or bathroom. New toothbrushes, new shower curtain, etc. All these little changes re-inspire bed & bath time. 



It’s time consuming but de-cluttering old books and replacing them with new ones can help the enthusiasm to read.

Get creative with storage spaces for books like using a stack of them as a nightstand. Don’t forget to let the children see you turning the pages as well.

Even if it’s just a recipe book or a magazine, kids unknowingly mimic what they see parents doing. When they develop ways to entertain themselves , it’s a fact that it will make life easier. 



Before you think NO WAY, remember that you can customize it to fit your needs. If you don’t have time to straighten, clean or de-clutter the kids’ rooms, hire a service to come in once a month to do just that.

If you need ceiling fans and shelves dusted and floors mopped and swept, go for it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

In Haiti and other cultures, most citizens have either had a maid growing up or have one today. American culture is one of few where we don’t fully take advantage of these services to enrich our lives. 

Thanks so much for hanging out with my silly list of parenting necessities that make life easier. Comment one of your favorite parent hacks and if you have your own parenting blog, drop your website below. XoXo



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