40 Cheap Ways To Decorate A Rental

wooden front door

Hi friends! I’m Nicole, an Avon representative and 2 time home owner. I recently closed on my second home and wanted to share with you some cheap ways to decorate a rental space or a smaller home. With home prices skyrocketing, I felt this would do some good for many of us. 

Hello! Please note that this post contains affiliate links. If you click through those links and make a purchase, I may earn a little something – at no extra cost to you.

1| Add an accent wall 


2|Change fluorescent lighting to track or recessed lighting


3|Create a man/woman cave in the garage (with help from your local TV installer)

4|Refinish kitchen countertops with faux granite (Home Depot or Lowe’s has it)

5|Change or paint kitchen cabinet knobs

6|Install  indoor/outdoor cameras that can be easily unmounted & controlled with an app 

7|Repaint baseboards white to highlight your wall color


8|Use large decals for wall art in smaller spaces (ceiling to floor height)

9|Pressure wash outdoor concrete or lay an outdoor rug (patio area)

10|Add some mulch, rock, or plant designs to small outdoor spaces 

11|Remove closet doors to open the room


12|Use LED strip lighting to light closet spaces

13|Hang curtains higher than the standard window

14|Install floating shelves and/or sconces to frame a focal point

15|Mount TV’s and use LED strip lighting behind them to create a beautiful focal


16|Separate small backyard space with a privacy fence

17|Remove standard closet rack and install custom closet storage

18|Add baskets or lighting to the empty space above kitchen cabinets to create height


19|Have a professional carpet cleaner patch noticeable stains in the carpet

20|Stack 2 (3 shelf) shelving units on top of one another to create height

21|Replace ceiling fans or paint the petals 

22|Rent a small storage unit for items or furniture that don’t fit within the space

23|Use see through acrylic chairs and tables in small spaces

24|Replace bathroom towel bars (hire a handyman to do it right)

25|Use room dividers to separate room functionalities

26|Add LED strip lighting around standard bathroom mirrors to frame them 


27|Remove mini blinds completely 

28|Hang geographic wall art behind a wall mounted TV to frame

29|Use vertical space for storage  at every opportunity


30|Light spaces with candles, sconces, white string lights instead of bulky lamps

31|Bring the outdoors inside with floor plants

32|Install a row of hooks on a wooden form

33|Use self adhesive wall stickers for a kitchen back splash

34|Use books as stands and/or small tables (if you have way too many books)

35|Use succulents to bring the outside in 

36|Replace box spring/mattress beds with platform beds 

37|Only buy furniture with storage solutions 

38|Make a list of storage places around the house and what will be stored there (memorize and amend that list)

39|Grey and Slate are calm colors, use them in bathrooms or accent walls

40|Get rid of old sound systems, quality Bluetooth speakers are the present & future 

41|Create a study nook in the living room/den, just big enough for a laptop and chair 

4E95947F-2A79-4A66-B687-9C76775FBDB8Drop a line to add tips to our list of cheap and easy ways to decorate a rental space. 



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