8 Signs You Need To Start A Decorating Blog As A Side Hustle

Has anyone ever come to your house and said “Did you change things around in here again?!”  Here’s a quick read to find out if you need to start a decorating blog as a side hustle.

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8| You Get Bored Easily

How many color schemes has your bathroom had in the last 2 years? I know people who don’t change their bathroom rugs out for decades. For example, if you’ve changed color schemes twice or more in less than 2 years, you value feeling happy & refreshed at home.

7| Wall paint swatches excite you.

Have you gone shopping for wall paint colors and brought home swatches when your home doesn’t really need to be painted? Even the accent wall color is getting on your nerves and needs to be changed?

By starting a decorating blog, have fun showing the color swatches of paint you chose, the paint buckets, brushes, and of course the before and after photos.

6| Linen closet is full of plushness & pillows.

Do you have more than a few blankets, comforters, and sheet sets in your linen closet? Visitors usually know this and always know exactly where to find blankets to cuddle up with when they sleep over.

Use those blankets to snap beautiful photos of how you store them, how your friends use them and the name brand. The really cool thing about blankets is that you can snap photos of them in stores without having to bring any home.

5|You’re more excited about giving home decor gifts than they are receiving them.

For example, do you buy decor gifts for friends (candles, paintings, decorations) even if they’re not into it as much as you are?

4| Every room in your house has a candle or diffuser.

Do you have a candle in every room of the house and keep them replenished all year round? You easily splurge to stock up on Air Wicks or candles. However, buying it to cover up pet odors doesn’t count here.

3| You don’t like things too “matchy”.

Do you hate the pillows that “come with” the living room sectional set? They were too matchy and you wanted to desperately bring some color to the seating? You either need pops of color, or prefer neutral e everything….white, grey or beige. I read somewhere that Kim Kardashian only wears those colors.

Both color pops and neutral tones are popular. Not to mention, we all love seeing before and after pictures. Start a decorating blog and bring your skills to life.

2| Your bed has been on 2 out of 4 walls in your room.

Has your bed been positioned on 2 or more walls of your bedroom? And right after you switch things around, you enjoy the high of feeling as if you’re in a new place? What may seem strange to others is a perfect skill to start a decorating blog and document every time you change your bedroom around.

1|You’ve been this way all your life.

As a youngster, did you change around your bedroom furniture when the mood hit you? Above all, the unyielding desire to create fresh and new experiences with the things around you only signify your passion for peace and living each day to the fullest.

Use Your Decorating Skills To Make Money Blogging

Just so you know, there’s help if you have trouble starting  and finishing a decorating project. Especially if you have the money but no time or patience  to do it.

People Actually Pay For Designers…

I was shocked when I learned a friend of mine paid hundreds for a “decorator” to come in and decorate her new home.

After months of ordering expensive furniture, she wasn’t happy with the final product at all. She lost hundreds  of dollars on furniture, headaches, and absolutely  no design scheme. Decorating blogs are where creatives go for not-so-expensive information. 

How To Start A Decorating Blog In Your Home

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you have to have a fancy house. You can choose any of the following niches: 

  • College Apartment Decor
  • First Apartment 
  • Roommates & Decorating
  • Music Inspired Bedrooms
  • Organized Clutter Apartments
  • Single Mom Spaces
  • I Love My Accent Walls
  • Puppy Spaces
  • Dollar Store Decorating
  • Re-purposed Decorating

In fact, you’ll probably have more people willing to connect with you if they think their homes look similar to yours.

  • Take well lit photos of the areas of your home that you love
  • Learn the lingo needed to describe items, colors, and pieces
  • Write about how you came up with the inspiration for the design elements
  • Sign Up for Amazon Associates to link the things you bought from Amazon (and get paid)
  • Visit home ware stores for inspiration.
  • Find your decorating style and add to it.

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