Broke may be a strong word but for most of us, when there’s less than a certain amount in the bank, we all feel a little broke-ish.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you’re mostly likely feeling broke outside of your current debt. I think we’ve all been somewhere on this list before, as I raise my hand up high. 


#10 You bought a home too soon 

I happen to be the black sheep in a family full of college graduates, doctors, nurses, engineers and lawyers. My degrees are normal compared to theirs. Many of them bought homes right out of college. And some of them regret it.

The truth is, until you can really figure out where you’re going to be settled, having the burden of managing a rental or trying to sell one is a pain in the butt. I’m here to tell you, It’s OK to rent, get up and move when you want, and take your time figuring it all out. Who knows, you might even jump on this “Tiny Home” trend. 

#9 You don’t have a roommate (this isn’t for everyone)


Roommates can be drama sometimes. We’ve all heard or experienced drama stories from roommate hell. On another note, when I was in my late 20’s I met this really great guy who happened to be gay. We rented a 3 bedroom town-home and picked our 3rd roomie like an interview process.

We held interviews at the house and chose someone who had a schedule opposite from ours, a vehicle, and a significant other. This way he was hardly ever home and we didn’t have anything in common with him. It was absolutely no drama involved because he did his thing and we did ours. Rent was paid on time and it was a great savings for all of us. 

#8 You have a new cell phone and paying monthly payments on it


New iphone payments can run as much as $45/mo on top of your existing plan. Since I used to work for AT&T, I have a secret for you. Having phone insurance is a must and here’s why.

All of us at AT&T used our insurance to get new phones every couple of years. In order for this to work, you’ll need to buy and pay off one new iphone and definitely keep a good case on it for protection.

When you need a new phone, file a claim and you’ll receive a new/refurbished phone. If for some reason the refurb phone doesn’t do well, the insurance company will replace as often as needed until you get it right. (Asurion will allow you to file up to 2 claims per year.)

This method isn’t for the person who has the newest phone every year. But just think, without a phone payment, you can have a nice unlimited cell phone bill for less than $100/mo and a new iphone.

#7 You eat out too much with no leftovers


It’s a fact that as consumers we spend most of our money on food. But I’m not going to tell you not to do that. In fact, I’m guilty of it too so I’d like to share the best way to eat out if you must do it.

Eat out as normal but do it so that you always have leftovers. An ex of mine was a foodie to the max. When we ate at fast food places, there were never any leftovers and we didn’t always finish our fries or drink etc. But when we ordered take out or sat down to eat at Olive Garden or quick Hibachi places, we always had food for later.

If you’re gonna eat out, make sure you’re spending for a second meal later on.

Tip: Anywhere that serves salad and/or bread with a meal works best. You get full off the salad and bread and always have food to take home. Use food delivery services if you can’t sit down to eat. 

#6 Your car is either broke down or running stupid


I love my car but it’s older and even though it’s a luxury vehicle, it’s acting like a beater right now. My suggestion is to go to the car dealership….ONCE. Pay the diagnostic fee one time to get your vehicle completely looked over.

Once you do that, you’ll know everything that may need to be fixed. Take that information with you to the most reputable mechanic in town. Within your budget, ask them for a quote to get each thing fixed or worked on.

Budget accordingly now that you KNOW exactly what your car needs and slowly get things taken care of.

#5 Too broke to keep your acrylic nails up with fills


Guilty. Some sacrifice is needed for this one, but not much. Start wearing press on nails or invest in a DIY at home dip powder kit

#4 You have a pet that’s expensive

I love pets, I do. But some are almost as expensive as kids. If you truly love your fur animal, consider breeding. I don’t know much about it but I do know lots of people make a living on breeding alone.

Find out from a local breeder what you need to start. I also like to bring a stool sample into the vet with me instead of paying for them to take one. Another way to lower costs on pets is to subscribe to a food delivery service which saves you money in the long run. I prefer Science Diet since my Havanese seems to have runny #2’s a lot. 

#3 Your internet bill is too high

Since I work for a telecommunications company by day, I’ve got some insider scoop for you. There are always internet discounts. But don’t try to get them over the phone. Visit your local internet provider in store and speak with a rep.

It hurts our commission to offer discounts but if you’re kind and not a butthole, most reps will oblige.

If that doesn’t work, disconnect your internet for a day and come back the next day and say you changed your mind. You’ll most likely get new customer discounts.

#2 You’re in a relationship & paying for the dates

Ladies, relationships are expensive. Going out to eat, babysitters, getting cute or fly, it all costs. If your partner isn’t footing at least half or more of the bill, you have some choices to make.

Let them know you’re budgeting and the bills are kicking your butt. Someone who cares will either come correct and help out more or not. Once you make it known, the choice is theirs. And once they respond accordingly, the choice is yours to stay.

After a year long relationship, I found out my partner cheated. Good thing we used to split the date bills. It feels even worse to end a relationship when you paid out all the time.

And the #1 reason you’re probably feeling broke….

#1 You’re paying too much for makeup and beauty costs

Consider becoming an Avon Representative online. The money you’ll save and earn is worth giving it a shot.

I started Avon for the discounts and at the time I had never worn anything Avon. Needless to say I didn’t have a clue how much I’d fall in love with the product line.

I typically don’t buy any of the Fashions from my Avon store because they’re not my style and the housewares are over priced a bit. The makeup, skincare, and accessories lines are amazing though!

I firmly believe that ladies should never post a selfie for entertainment purposes. Use your selfies to reach a goal. Become an Avon Influencer or join a beauty brand to start getting discounts.


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